Organize your time better with the Weekly Planners. With a full week's activities listed on a double page spread, it is easier to know what is happening over the next few days and plan out your daily tasks.
An ideal resource with plenty of writing space to manage the upcoming events and deadlines.
  1. One week on two pages
  2. Weekday hourly appointment schedule from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  3. Ruled spaces for Saturday and Sunday
  4. Ecological tip on each day
  5. Calendars of past, current, and following 2 months on each spread
  6. Countdown of days passed and days to come
  7. 100% post-consumer recycled paper, 50% post-consumer recycled cover material and 90% recycled metal
  8. Twin-wire binding with soft Romanel cover
  9. Tear-off corners
  10. Bilingual
  11. Black
  12. 8" x 5"
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