New Soft Touch Laminated 2019-2020 Planners!

New Soft Touch Academic Planners

Soft touch lamination has become a favorite finish for high end book covers and luxury planners. All this range of planners feature a sturdy but soft touch laminated covers with beautiful modern designs.

We’ve included all of the tools you need to stay organized inside. Choose between a daily, weekly or monthly planner to set your goals and track important dates and deadlines.

Lines Collection

New Soft Touch Laminated Lines 2019-2020 Planners!

New Soft Touch Laminated 2019-2020 Planners!
This elegant collection has the feel of actual velvet touch. The unique soft-touch lamination will impress everyone while the lines design is perfect for creating an eye-catching look.
Lines collection is designed to be used on the go or by your desk.


Black and White Collection

Blueline Black and White Collection
Blueline Black and White Collection
The trendy Black and White Collection showcases four beautiful black and white designs with subtle spiral movement.
The soft touch lamination intensifies the tactile power with its velvet like feel and makes these planners a real pleasure to hold.


Watercolor Collection

Blueline Watercolor Collection Blueline PWatercolor Collection
Add colour to your office, study or home with our bright Watercolor collection! A Beautiful fruity watercolor planners.
Featuring a thick and sturdy cover with a silky smooth touch, these lovely designs will help you stay creatively inspired and prepared for your day.